Visiting new places refresh your mind and take your all stress away. If you are looking for the place in Lalitpur, here are 5 Places To Visit in Lalitpur that surely make you free from all your stess and relax your mind with their anesthetic views.

Santaneshwor temple

Yes, The most popular Hindu religious Place, which is crowded every Monday and Saturday and other festival like Shivaratri, Balachaturdasi, Teej and month is sharawn, Santaneshwor Temple lies in south east of Lalitpur. It is situated near Bodegaun and at the border of Jharuwasi, Lalipur. There is a belief that if childless person worship here with full faith, they will be soon blessed with the children. If temple is a god of fertility and child bearing. There is also a folk tale of this temple that this temple was originated with from the part of goddess Sati after her death which is also mentioned in Swastani Book. As it has its own religious importance, thus can be considered as the crowded place. The fine art and the heart pleasing view of valley. The view from the top of the hill is so mesmerizing and the view of sunrise from there… you can’t took your eyes down. So heart taking and picturesque place it is. The view of Nagh Daha can be clearly seen and it has been its attraction. It is a best place to spend your holidays here with clean and green environment with dense forest. It is also good place for hiking or a destination for morning walk for the locals. Different attractive birds with their sweet and charming whispering can be witnessed here. Do once visit here as it is budget friendly as well as peaceful place.


Sikali Temple

Sikali Temple is in Khokana, Lalitpur, and 10 km away from the southern part of Kathmandu Valley. This place will bring you isolated feeling as it is located outside the settlement of local. Sikali temple is the temple of goddess Rudrayani, the god of protector. As this place is outside the settle, it is very quiet, clean and peaceful place. You can explore the Newari Heritage here as most of the local people belongs to Newar Community. Did you know the people of Khokana does not celebrate the national festival Dashain? Yes. They celebrate Sikali Jatra for 5 days instead of Dashain. During Sikali Jatra, Masked Dance are performed by 14 dancers representing 14 different god and goddess of Hindu Pantheon following all the rules of tantric. The idol i.e. statue of goddess Rudrayani is carried out in wooden chariot throughout the village. People from different place visit there just to watch this jatra. This place also has religious importance. Equally, as a nature lover, the beautiful scene are also viewed. The view of Chandragiri Hills and Chyamadevi Hills are cleared seen. The scene of green field is also its attraction.

One of the best place to refresh your mind. Worth it to kept in 5 Places To Visit in Lalitpur. Know more about it exploring here.


Bajrabarahi Temple

The temple that lies in a small forest of Chapagaun Village, the temple of tantric goddess is Bajrabarahi Temple. Yes it is most crowded temple as it has its own religious significance. In fact, it has also natural and environmental significance too. You can find different medicinal herbs, floras, trees, plants and wildlife. According to research, 48 species of birds like parrots, Bengals, eagle, barbet, green pigeons, drongo etc. are found and will surprise to know that rare orchids with other 166 species of flora are also found. Different wildlife can also be seen in this small forest. This temple lies in the middle of the forest. It is also best for the picnic spot. One of the peaceful and clean and greenery environment you can find near the noisy and busy place. Talking about the structure of this temple, it is built in Nepali style with two roof. The very first roof was made up of tiles whereas second roof was made up of the metals plates. It is said that this place has 9 funeral place around the Bajrabarahi Temple. One of the funeral place is in front of the Bajrabarahi Temple.


Simba Falls

Simba Falls

Simba waterfall lies in the manikhel, Lalitpur centrally located in two green forest Rigin Danda and Manikhel Khawa. The Simba refers to cold in Tamang. The water from this wall is so cold hence the name of this fall has become Simba thereafter. This falls lies at an altitude of around 2000m. This fall has five cascades due to which it is difficult to get the viewpoint from near.  You will have to hike opposite hill station to view it as a whole. The captivation scenery has become its attraction. Simba falls lies about 50 km away from Kathmandu City. It will take around 1 hour hike from the last bus stop to reach there but reaching there is quite difficult. But once you reach there it is worth it to spend your efforts, time and your holiday there. You will be fascinated by the scenery, serene, clam and cold touch of water and environment there that all your stress can take it all and makes you calm. The picturesque surrounding, the sound of waterfall, cold and fresh water, whispering of birds make you fell so amaze and pleasant. This place is perfect for those who loves to hike. On the way to Simba falls you can find many other small waterfalls and green fields. There is also organic farming and rainbow trout farming there. There are three routes to reach there. Among Godawari Route, Satdobato route and Chobhar route, if you ask me, Satdobato –Chapagaun Route is my best. From this route you can also visit Bajrabarahi Temple, PIA Memorial Park, Saraswati Kunda, Tileshwor Mahadev and the way to it is refreshing. People can also enjoy organic Tamang cuisine there. This village is Tamang Village. Most of the people speak Tamang language as well as Nepali language. Simple lifestyle and no fancy cafes.

Explore once Simba Falls, the untouched piece of paradise in Lalitpur, one of the best place among these 5 Places To Visit in Lalitpur.

Nagh Daha

Nagh Daha is a religious and popular lake in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur. This Lake has cover approximate 5 hector area. All the corner of the of the lake can’t be seen from one corner. Many species of fishes are found here and a place for bird watching. Black Kite, Cattle egret, common Myna, Alexandrian Parakeet Common kingfisher, Red-vented bulbul, Black drongo, Oriental magpie robin, White-breasted kingfisher along with other more than 50 species can be seen here. The lake is used for washing, bathing, fishing, irrigation as well as its own religious significance. This lake is also allowed for boating. But, Now-a-days due to some reasons, we are not allowed to boat there. It is believed that a male serpent lives in Taudaha and female in Nagh Daha. During to monsoon, a male serpent, king of serpent makes a journey to participate in Panauti festival. He stays with female serpent of Nagh Daha while his way back to home from Panauti. It is also believed that Lord Shiva also reside there. But Bajrabarahi use her divine power and turn herself in the form of pig thinking if Lord Shiva resides there her importance will not be less and everyone will only worship him not her. As pig is the symbol of dirt, Lord Shiva thought that the lake was dirty and he migrate him to Gosaikunda. The statue of Nag at the north-western side of the lake has become one of the attraction and it is crowded during Nagh Panchami.  The view of Phulchowki Dada, Santaneshwor and Kota Dada can also be seen clearly which is very pleasing. This place is very peaceful and relaxing.


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