I was born in a town and ever since I have been living here. No doubt, Yes, compact yet beautiful Thecho is the place where I was born and it is enriched with its Newa culture and historical belief.


Thecho is situated in south of main Lalitpur town in Lalitpur District, Godawari Muncipality ward no. 12, Bagmati Province. It is 6 km south from Lagankhel. The road near the Chapagaun dobato of the ring road leads to Dholahiti, Sunakothi, Thecho, Chapagaun, Lele. The highway road of Thecho which is also referred as Satdobato-Tika Bhairav Road, also Laxmi Prasad Highway leads to another district, Hetauda. The town is densely populated. Around 10086 living in 2352 individual households according to the 2011 census report of Nepal. Furthermore, many people are emigrating here from different parts of the country. By the results, the density of people is increasing swiftly every year.

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Thecho covers total 3.2 km2 of Godawari Munciality. The best part of Thecho is it is situated at a height due to which you can enjoy the mesmerizing view. Satdobato and Sunakothi lies on the north of the Thecho whereas Chapagoun and Lele lies on the south. Jharuwashi lies on the east part and Bungamati lies on the west. Nakhu river that flows from Tikabhairav seperates Thecho from Bungamati. Water from Nakhu river also uses for irrigation in Thecho.

Thecho is known as Dharmatharipur initially and the people use to live on the lower lands near river. But when landslide stuck in a village, people shifted to the upper land name the village as Thecho. The name Thecho was called as Chhen Choy which basically mean home on upper land. In Newari language Chhen mean House and Choy means on upper . As people shifted their home from lower land to upper lands they name as chhen choy and thenafter named as Thecho. This is how compact yet beautiful Thecho was formed. The major Production in Thecho is Mustard Oil. Most of the people produce mustard oil and sold it to the major cities. It is also popular for its best milk curd ie. Khuwa.

Major Attraction Places

to visit here

Thecho is very civilized and historical place where you can find many religious and social attraction places. One can enjoy historical and cultural architecture visiting here. The tradition temples seems really beautiful and unique in art of religious, cultural and historical significance. The major attraction places of Thecho are: Bal Kumari Temple, Bramhayani Temple, Sorakhutte Pati. Some of the other major religious and social attraction places are listed here.

Balkumari Temple: This shrine is said to be constructed in 913 NS i.e.. 1793AD is located in Lachi Tole of Thecho. This temple is now being renovate with the help of guthiyar and government.


Bramhayeni Temple: The main temple in Thecho is Bramhayeni Temple. Utensils are nailed to its walls in the memory of the soul of their departed members by their relatives is the most attractive and prominent feature of it. It is the main temple of Thecho. This temple is also in being renovate now-a-days.


Sorakhutte Pati: It is a rest house whose roof is supported by 16 pillars.

Nawadurga temple: Temple of goddess which is located near Bramhayani temple in Kwey Lachi Tole also known as Nuchhe Tole.

Buddha pokhari: Statue of Lord buddha was place in the middle of the Tadhapokhari located in Maligaun of Thecho.

Buddha Bihar: It is located in Saraswoti Khala. Different monks are stayed here.

Budhha park: Newly made park between forest where people can enjoy mesmerizing view of western part of Thecho with fresh air.


There are many small ponds that used to serve as a source of water in past but for irrigation in present. Rajkulo is a canon by which the ponds are fed all the way from Tika Bhairav, Lele.
Some major ponds are

  1. Tadha Pukhu
  2. Kha: Cha Pukhu
  3. Manda Pukhu
  4. Chew Pukhu
  5. Hyangu Nya: Pukhu
  6. Dyo Puhkhu

Culture and Festival Celebration

Majority of population is covered with Newari people but you can also find other casts and sub casts too. Thus majority of people are belonging to Hinduism and Buddhism. As people here believe in Unity in diversity you can also find Christianity and Muslims here. As majority of people here are Newars, so, most of the prominent Newari festivals are observed. Thecho is also popular for its main festival, Yomari Puni. Yomari puni or also commonly known as Thecho Jatra is celebrated for 4 days starting from the full moon of December. Thecho Jatra starts from Yomari puni ands after 4 days known Bhairav Jatra. During this festival, Bramhayani and Balkumari are carried around the town in a chariot. Nawa durga are also carried around the city and the legendary traditional dance of Nawadurga bhawani is performed which is commonly known as Gathu Pyakha here.


As this dance is performed by 11 densities by the Gathus, one of the cast of Newars. The 11 densities consits of Dakshinkali, Manamayju, Mhasukhwa Maaju, Kumari, Waamukhwa Maaju, Tuyukhwaa Maaju, Singhini, Byangini, Tika Bhairav, Bajra Barahi and Ganesh.34 guthi members of Gathus take up the responsibility of performing their gathu dance, twice a year and it is during Dashain and Yomari Punhi. This dance is also performed in Mulchowk of Patan Durbar Square during Dashain once a year. This dance was resumed after so many year in 2017 in Patan Durbar Square. People from different place came just to watched their dance. The legendary traditional dance performance of Thecho is so much popular. Dyo Pukhu is is behind the Bramhayani temple is filled by the water and the chariots are washed here. There is a also popular story of nawa durga which made Thecho popular.

Know compact yet beautiful Thecho by near.

The summary of the folktale about Nawadurga goes like this.
Once the king and queen was so worried as they were not having baby. They took a help from a tantrik so that they can birth a prince. But the tantrik was agreed in a condition that they have to hand over the prince once he reach to age 12. The king and the queen promise to tantrik. The tantrik perform the ritual and a prince was born. Everybody in the palace was so happy. As the days passes, queen and king became so worried as the day was coming when they had to hand over their price to tantik. After 12 years, Tantrik came to took the prince as per their promise. Tantrik took the prince though the king and queen requested not to took their children rather they will provide lots of money instead. Tantrik took prince to his place and went to take a holy bath leaving the prince alone. Prince visited tantik place and found a room which was locked. He was curious and tried to open the door. After a several attempts, he succeeds and when entered the room he saw 11 heads hanging there. He was surprise watching the scene there. One of the head told that they were all the prince and bought there by the tantrik so that he can sacrifice them to god. They said prince can make them free from there if the prince killed that tantrik and spread blood of them. They told their story and the methods to do the same. Prince did the same and make them free. Prince started his kingdom here and mad formed compact yet beautiful Thecho Village


Apart from that, Matya has also become one of the main important and enjoyable festival celebrated here. Matya is celebrated 2 days after the full moon of august. The people who had lost their relatives came praying for their soul. They visit different places of town and different streets acts are shown in this day.

Major Educational Institutions

Town, Compact yet beautiful Thecho consist most of the people are well educated. Thecho has developed its field of education. Different educational institution has been established in Thecho. Some of the major Educational Institution are as follows:

  1. Shree Saraswoti Higher Secondary School
  2. Indreni Secondary English School
  3. Little Star English School
  4. St. Paul Higher Secondary English School
  5. Somang Academy
  6. Bal Aankur Secondary English School
  7. Deepmala Secondary English School
  8. Thecho Newa English school
  9. Kathmandu International Study Centre -KISC

Now-a-days, youths are forgetting and ignoring their culture. But the youth in Thecho are trying to save their culture by doing different activities. They had started newa languages classes, baja-gaja classes, mandala competition, and other to save their tradition and culture. I am proud to say that I am fortunate to be the inhabitant of this compact yet beautiful Thecho.

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