Morrison Café is an amazing restaurant located in Basantapur, Kathmandu. I have recently visited there as friend of mine advised visiting the place not because of their reasonable priced food but also the quality services and gratitude towards their customer. Morrison Café- Good Food Good Mood is their slogan to attract customers.

outlet of Morrison Cafe

The Café is in front of the dabali, right side, southern part of the Basantapur Durbar Square. Morrison Café with green sign board is also good enough to attract the customer. As I entered, there was a coffee section on its corridor. The café was divided in four section- bar section, lounge section, sitting section and rooftop section. And the decoration of each section was also good enough to attract the customer. But I was not so pleased by it. What was most pleasing is their rooftop. Surely, My best part is roof section where I can enjoy the view of Basantapur Durbar Square as well as the food.

Chicken Aladi

There were digital menu and so surprised to see that they were offering variety of good foods at a reasonable price. You can ordered continental food, fast foods as well as Newari foods to taste. Chicken Aladi and enchiladi are one of their special dish that you can hunt there. Different smoothies and other refreshing juices and coffees are offered.

Want to witness heart taking view of Basantapur Durbar Square with friendly Environment?

night view of Durbar Square

I tried sadheko momo and chicken aladi with a mint lemonades. Sadheko momo look so yummm… It was fried momo slightly marinated, spiced and tempered with oil. The momo garnished with onions, green chilies and a lemon juice make it more attractive and made me so impatience to eat them. Chicken Aladi is one of the unique food I had ever tried. It is a unique with chicken along with cheese and mushroom filled inside the chicken. Some French fries and aladi special sauce with some salads were served. It look so amazing and it was greatly pleasing to taste.

Sadheko Momo

All over, the food over there was very tasty and the hospitality was good. They had put so much hard work on the hygiene and customer care which is amendable.

This is my favourite place, rooftop of morrison cafe seems to be.

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I had a nice time eating such a delicious food at Morrison café. Somehow I found the services they were offering is a little slow. The services are not so bad and the waiters are also friendly but I was satisfied with its friendly environment with mesmerizing view of Basantapur Durbar Square. It will not be wrong if I say it is a perfect place to spend your weekend there.

Visit Morrison Café- Good Food Good Mood to taste good and to feel good.

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