Planning somewhere to go? Confused in choosing the destination place? Travelling different places helps to open your mind, reduce stress, able to learn new things and freshens the mind that helps you to keep calm. Here are five picturesque places you should visit in Lalitpur that is budget friendly yet so beautiful.

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square can be introduced as the heart of the city as it is located at the center in Lalitpur and most beautiful city that is listed in UNESCO Heritage site. Patan durbar square is popular because ancient royal palace of Malla Kings of Lalitpur as well as most of the people is attracted and came to visit here because of its artistically designed temples, exquisite carvings, newari architecture and old newari residential houses. You can find many temples and idols here but the most attracted and popular temple you can visit here is Krishna Temple and Bhimsen Temple.

Krishna Temple is said to be built by one single stone in Shikhara style (Grathakuta) where you can find different stone carving that narrates the story of Mahabharata and Ramayana. This Temple was built by King Siddhi Narsingh Malla in 1667 he saw Lord Krishna and Radha Rani infront of his Palace. During Krishna Janamastami thousands of Hindu Pilgrims are crowded here and devotes here.


In left side of Krishna Temple, you can find Bhimsen Temple. King Srinivasan Malla had built this temple in 1680. Though Bhimsen is one of the great personality of Mahabharata that represent of brave and strong but We Newari People took him as a god of Trade and Business. Separate Bhindya Puja is celebrated in Newar Communities. You can find three interconnected golden windows which attracts the people towards it.


King Siddhi Narsingh Malla has also built Vishwanath Temple in 1627. The erotic carving in its roof attracts the people towards it.

The five storey temple with temple roof, Taleju Bhawani Temple was firstly built by King Siddhi Narsingh Malla in 1640 but after it was caught by fire in 1667 it was rebuilt by King Srinivasa Malla.

Other important and attractive place in Patan Durbar Square is its three main courtyard: Mul Chowk, Keshav Narayan Chowk and Sundari Chowk.

Mulchowk is largest courtyard, located in Central of the palace. The heart of the Patan Durbar Mulchowk has become the hub of rituals. Gathu Pyakha and other traditional dances are performed in this courtyard.


Keshav Narayan Chowk is in north of Mul Chowk, inside Patan Museum.

Sundari Chowk is in south of Mulchowk designed with Tusha Hiti i.e. sunken tank.The self illuminating is placed recently in the chowk that has been the attraction for local peoples as well as national and international visitors.


Know more about the peaceful ambience of Patan.

Lyakuri Bhanjyang

Lakuri Bhanjyang is a paradise hill station located in eastern edge of Lalitpur district that 13 km up from the main Gwarko Chowk. Lakuri Bhanjyang is famous as hiking as well as picnic spot. You can reached there by any vehicles you prefer. It has become one of the most preferred place to visit or to hike within Lalitpur. The mesmerizing scene of sunrise and the heart pleasing view of mountain is attraction of this place. Not only can you also be the witness of cities like Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and lalitpur itself.It is affordable and worth visiting. You must visit here for once to gain life time experiences at a very reasonable price.


Golden Temple

Golden temple is another attraction place of Patan. This temple is made by the pure golden and the golden temple name was kept by tourists that visit here. It is very beautiful and it would not be wrong if I mentioned it in five picturesque places you should visit in Lalitpur.It is officially known as Hiranya Varna mahabihar but locally it is introduced as Kwa Bahal was built on 1407. King Varma built this three storey golden pagoda of Lord Buddha.


Kumbheshor Temple

Around 1392, King Jayasthiti Malla built this Kumbheshor temple in the north side of Patan Durbar Square. This temple includes bangalamukhi temple, Ulmanta Bhairava and other two ponds. There is a popular belief that the water source of this pond is originates from the Goisaikunda. It is one the oldest temple in Lalitpur. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims came here in Janay purnima festival. This temple has become attraction place because of its fine wood carving and a great Bull, Nandi, Lord Shiva Mount is kneeling in front of this Khumbheshor Temple.

Lele Village

Lele Village lies in south part of Lalitpur District. It is 14 km away from Lagankhel, Lalitpur. You can take local bus from Lagankhel to Lele. And the route o Lele is from Chapagaun dobato to Sunakothi to Thecho to Chapagaun to Lele. It is just 9km away from Thecho. The main occupation of Lele is agriculture and river is the main source of irrigation. People used to follow traditional irrigation but now a days they used modern technologies for irrigation. You can considered it as an important site to visit because you can find stone pillars dating to Lichivi Dynasty.


You can also find different medicinal plants. Lele, though it is small village you can find many temples which have their own religious value. Temples like Saraswoti Kunda, Ganga Jamuna, Manakamana, Tileshwor Mahadev, Pulchowki Mandir etc have their own religious belief and an attraction place you can visit. There is also PIA Memorial Park which was constructed in Lele after Pakistan International Airlines was crashed at BhatteDada in 1992. 167 People had lost their lives in that accident that this part was constructed in their memory. Lele village is rich in nature as well as has their own religious importance.

Saraswoti Kunda

If you want to know more about another five picturesque places you should visit in Lalitpur, check out my next content.

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